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Slept in until 6.30am!!! We enjoyed a leisurely breakfast until Habibi (one of the elder girls at MIA) collected us for church. We joined MIA 1 at MIA Nyota and had a lovely time with the children. They all get involved with the church services with various singing items and some of the children being up front presenting little talks or introducing the next item. The singing was especially wonderful. Imagine nearly 100 children of all ages with carers, teachers, volunteers plus Mum & Dad (Ivan & Mary Budulica) singing in both Swahili and English. It was thrilling! Lunch time we joined Mary and Lillian for lunch at the main house, bringing our contributions to the meal. We needn’t have worried though for Mary’s culinary skills are amazing and we all enjoyed ample portions of the meal. We also met David, a young volunteer who just graduated ¬†from Law school, who is with us for a week (he’s travelling for 3 months around the world, before beginning work). Saturday night is movie night in the MIA household and is a treat that the children look forward to. Kamahl’s latest birthday gift from his sponsor was the Muppet movie, so we all joined the children to watch it. After the children were settled into bed, we gave the various gifts for the orphans to Mary to sort through for each child.

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