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Kenya Health Clinic and accommodation

Kenya Health has now a Clinic and accommodation on the land that was purchased in the Piave community. Kate and Noel Doyle provided the funding for this project and the complex was officially opened in 2018. This facility will provide much needed clinics to the community and the accommodation for the volunteers.

Land purchased for new clinic

We are happy to announce the Kenya Health recently purchased 2 hectare of land where we will build a brand new clinic and accommodation for patients and families. This will significantly improve the health services we can offer as we will now have our own base to work from. The land is located in a very poor part of Kenya that is home to many refugees displaced during the 2007 uprising. It is our hope that we can continue to make positive contributions to the health of the local population in Kenya and the acquisition of land is significant for our long-term strategy. Thank you to all our supporters and donors who raised the funds to make this happen.


We meet many people during our free medical clinics in Kenya (hundreds, actually). Each and every person we see holds a special place in our heart and leaves an urge within us to go back and do more, see more and help more people. Meet Michael*. A 21-month old boy, who has been diagnosed with hydrocele. This is swelling of the groin/scrotum, and in Michael’s case, about the size of an apple. On Wednesday, Michael had an appointment with the surgeon. Surgery is possible for him and has been scheduled for next week (yes!). The problem is, this surgery (operation, theatre and hospital) will cost A$742.00. Kenya Health has agreed to pay the bill for Michael’s surgery, in hoping that your donations for this surgery, will make up this cost.  Please donate to this little boy’s surgery. By donating, you will change his life. Please donate (and add reason for donation 'Michael') at: *We have chosen not to post Michael’s photo, but certainly plan to post a happy photo/update as things progress.

February Trip 2016

It has been a while between blog posts, for a number of reasons.  But, 2016 is Kenya Health's Year! We currently have a team of 7 volunteers in Kenya at the moment, two of which were sent over with more than 100kgs of supplies!  The volunteers have just completed day 1 and 2 of clinics at Rongai. 521 patients have been seen over the last two days, most of them being children.  Day 1 saw our volunteers treating chest infections, back problems, sore eyes and a boy with a broken arm (could you imagine!).  Day 2 saw a heart breaking case with an 18month old girl with burnt feet from an incident with hot water. Our team has been flat out so far, and expecting the same for their next lot of clinics.  With the support of local assistance and knowledge, we hope the rest of the clinics go so smoothly. We wish our team all the best!

Kenya Health Trip 2015

Over the past week and a half the Kenya Health team have been busy running clinics all over Kenya. They have seen over 1000 people across 6 clinics, with some clients being referred on. There are six more clinics to go for this trip to Kenya. They have managed to catch up with two previous referrals from earlier clinics, Judy, who has a heart valve and another girl who had a hernia operation. Both girls came to say thank you and both are doing very well. The volunteers have even had a (well deserved) chance to take a little time to visit Nakuru National Game Park, BagaMoyo, and the Massi markets, ending each of our day at Java Coffee Lounge (the best coffee in Kenya, I can vouch for it!) for a mango milkshake.  

From one of our volunteers on her recent trip to Kenya

My trip to Kenya started with apprehension. What would I be confronted with ? Would I be up to the challenge? On arrival into Jomo Kenyatta International Airport I knew it was going to be a pleasant experience. The people I met were friendly, welcoming and warm.Nursing is personal and caring, not the number crunching environment that has been pushed upon us here. The nurses knew their patient’s stories and provided as good a level of care as the system allowed. Kenya Health was able to contribute to this care. The first clinic was overwhelming with the number of patients and their ailments. I am still amazed as to how efficiently these needy patients were seen and treated with the help of local volunteers. But it wasn’t just this clinic. For the next two weeks Kenya Health collaborated with local Health Care Workers providing care, medication and identifying those requiring further referral. How satisfying! I came away feeling I was a little part of something positive. What more could you ask? Joyce