• A donation of any size can make a life-changing difference to a whole community

  • Will supply one month’s pain relief for a terminally ill cancer patient

  • Will supply desperately needed family planning and AIDS prevention for 100 Kenyan women in the area

  • Will supply medication for those who are unable to access any other form of medical treatment

Kenya Health is an Australian charity; our aim is to provide medicine, medical treatment and education to help improve the health of underprivileged people in Kenya.

Providing health care for those who need it most.....

Kenya Health is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the provision of health care primarily to women and young children in Kenya.

Our aim is to help bridge the gap between health care and education so disadvantaged people in Kenya can receive life-changing basic medical care and health education. Our team is passionate about permanently improving the health of those in impoverished communities in Kenya.

In-line with this goal we are proud to say that Kenya Health provides at least 20 medical clinics annually which treat between 300 – 400 people a day.

We are an Australian charity working in Kenya

Our not-for-profit organisation was founded by registered nurse and midwife Lyle Burgoyne in Murwillumbah. While Lyle Burgoyne provided ongoing care to those in need in Kenya, in February 2012 he and a team of nurses embarked on a visit to Kenya to provide care at the Nakuru Hospice which provides care for the terminally ill.

From this experience it became clear to our passionate team that ongoing help was needed. Since then our work has extended to many rural communities, where we continue to provide medical care and much needed medicine to those in need, as well as establishing medical infrastructure and providing health education.

At Kenya Health we strive to create a partnership between providing medicine, medical treatment and continuing education. Any donation of your time, skills or funds can mean the difference between life and death for disadvantaged communities in Kenya.

How you can help

Will supply one month’s pain relief for a terminally ill cancer patient.

Will supply desperately needed Health Education for 100 Kenyan women in the area of family planning and AIDS prevention.

Will supply medications for needy Kenyan’s unable to access any other form of medical treatment.

Will pay for life saving surgery for destitute young children without access to any other source of medical care.