Meet the Team

The Kenya Health team

The team here at Kenya Health are dedicated to providing help to those in Kenya who need it most. We make regular trips to Kenya to provide desperately needed aid and health education.

With 6 board members in Australia and 3 permanent staff in Kenya, we work closely together in all of our efforts.  Every member of the Kenya Health team has a unique reason for their involvement; we encourage you to have a look at our amazing team members and read about their involvement with Kenya Health.

Jen Burgoyne

jenI grew up in a family of six in an average sized NSW country town. In 1979-80, I worked as a volunteer nurse in Thailand and Cambodia, living in both countries for 8 months after I had completed my EN training in Sydney. I found the experience changed my life and made me aware of the needs of those less fortunate, and especially those who were being mistreated.

Shortly after marrying, Lyle and I with our 4 children spent 3½ years on Pitcairn Island. Here Lyle worked as a medical officer and church pastor in the mid-1990s and early 2002.

After the first time Lyle went to Kenya and with each of his subsequent visits, I realised through the reports that he brought back to Australia, the desperation that the women of Kenya feel for themselves and their children in relation to their health needs.

Currently, I live in Murwillumbah where I work as a receptionist in a local medical practice. Even though our children have all left home, we are a very close family who spend time together often. Most of my spare time is taken up with Kenya Health administration & the day-to-day running of the charity.

Judy Leahy

judyI have a professional background in Public Service management.  During my first visit to Kenya in 2013 I was privileged to work in an orphanage for eight weeks and with Kenya Health free medical clinics for a further four weeks. The poverty of the average Kenyan was overwhelming.  Women’s rights and the plight of children are major issues. With no free medical system, many people are unable to access any kind of medical care.

Another major memory for me was our visit to the women’s prison in Nakuru. The women are allowed to keep their children with them until they turn 4 years of age. Even in prison they do not receive adequate health care so the Kenya Health clinics held biannually are very much appreciated both by inmates and staff.

Hannah Burgoyne

hannahMy name is Hannah Burgoyne, I am the daughter of Lyle Burgoyne, the founder of Kenya Health.

I was lucky enough to go to Kenya on one of the trips through Kenya in May 2013. During that trip I helped dispense the medication, and have been involved with Kenya Health ever since! I am a member on the board and endeavour to continue Kenya Health in a manner that would make my father proud.

Ivan Leahy

I work as the operations manager for a pharmaceutical manufacturing ivancompany. I also spent many years chairing an Australian women’s refuge charity with a supporting op-shop.

On my first visit to Kenya 2013 I had the opportunity to experience both the free medical clinics and individual outreach visits to AIDS sufferers and sick patients who were not able to leave their homes to seek medical treatment. This was a life changing experience to witness the poverty and inability of so many to gain any medical help, especially the women bed ridden with AIDS.

Whilst in Kenya I was involved in the applying for and the subsequent registration of Kenya Health as an NGO. Kenya Health has come a long way and helped so many people, but we still have our work cut out for us.

Phil Hawkins

Based in Australia, I am an Accountant with extensive International
Business experience.  8 years ago my then 6 year old son fell violently ill.  This
illness allowed me to witness firsthand how fortunate we are in countries
like Australia to have such easy access to high quality medical support.
This woke my conscience which prompted me to travel to Kenya to an orphanage
2 months after his illness.  Over the coming years, I have been blessed with
more visits to Kenya which allowed me to be introduced to the work of Kenya
Health.  My heart melted when I heard about the good work that Kenya Health
is involved in which is the reason that I support the work of Kenya Health.

How you can help

Will supply one month’s pain relief for a terminally ill cancer patient.

Will supply desperately needed Health Education for 100 Kenyan women in the area of family planning and AIDS prevention.

Will supply medications for needy Kenyan’s unable to access any other form of medical treatment.

Will pay for life saving surgery for destitute young children without access to any other source of medical care.