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What can I expect when volunteering for Kenya Health?

Most Kenya health volunteers arrive ready to give most things a go and are able to “go with the flow”. Very often things don’t quite run to plan so being adaptable and able to improvise are two very useful skills to have. The duration of our outreach medical clinic trips is 3-4 weeks.

Clinics are run in various locations around Nakuru. During some trips the team is away for several days doing outreach clinics further afield. This provides a good opportunity to experience some other areas of Kenya.

A typical clinic day starts around 8.30 after a hearty breakfast. After travelling, picking up supplies and local helpers, clinics are usually underway by 10am and run for 5 hours or so. Lunch is a banana and a soda on the go. A stop in town on the way home allows for a late afternoon meal there or to stock up on supplies to eat back at the accommodation. Evenings are spent planning, washing, staying in touch with family and friends, viewing the day’s photographs, or playing with the children from the nearby orphanage.

Free days are spent relaxing, sightseeing, souvenir hunting at the local masai market, visiting Kanana knitters and Bagamoyo bags or on safari. If there is somewhere special you would like to visit please ask and we will do our best to arrange it.

Accommodation is shared basic western style with shower, toilet and electricity (most of the time).

Medical and general volunteers

Most Kenya Health volunteers are nurses, though volunteers from any health field will find their skills useful. We always need 1 or 2 other helpers to assist with dispensing medicines, setting up, packing up and a multitude of other tasks.

Basic travel information

For those who are curious about the basic travel information for volunteers in Kenya we have put together the essential information to get you started on your volunteer experience in Kenya. Once you choose to volunteer on one of our trips we will help organise your travel plans, however volunteers wanting to do other travelling in Kenya will need to make their own arrangements. We are happy to provide any information we can.

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