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Medical care for those desperately in need

Kenya Health finances medical consultations and surgery for people that otherwise would have no chance of accessing this much needed treatment. Because access to basic health care is both expensive and highly inaccessible for many people in Kenya, unfortunately the need for medical care is desperate in many areas.

Care for those with HIV or jiggers

One of our projects that we are currently undergoing is providing three groups of local health workers the materials and insecticide needed to eradicate Jiggers in their village areas. Jiggers, otherwise known as chigoe flea, can cause an infection often in the foot which can cause serve complications for those affected. This program has treated more than 400 children and adults suffering from Jiggers’ infestations so far and as we expand we hope those numbers will only grow.

Many people in Kenya are living with HIV. Twice as many women are affected by HIV compared to men, especially young women. The use of anti-retrovirals has increased and infection rates are beginning to decline. At some clinics we are able to provide a local nurse trained in this area to provide testing and referral. Treatment is free but stigma and discrimination remain an issue.

What we treat