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Kenya Health is an Australian founded non-government organisation committed to the provision of health care for those in need in Kenya.

Kenya Health is an organisation founded by Lyle Burgoyne, a registered nurse and midwife, from Murwillumbah NSW. We are an organisation dedicated to the provision of health care to women and young children in Kenya, however our caring volunteers will see anyone who presents themselves at our clinics. These people otherwise have very limited access to medical care. Our aim at Kenya Health is to provide medicine, medical treatment and education to help these people achieve better health.

We are currently providing medical assistance in Nakuru to communities in the slums, the rubbish dump and women’s prisons. We are also proud to announce that we are now able to provide care further afield in remote villages at Pokot, Kisii and Transmara.

We have been providing care in Kenya for many years, yet in February 2012 we visited Kenya and identified a need for further care at the Nakuru Hospice which provides care for the terminally ill. On this visit it became apparent to us that ongoing care was desperately needed here and in many areas of Kenya.

We provide at least 20 medical clinics per year where our passionate team see 300 – 400 people per day

We provide both one-off and ongoing medical care and education

While our caring team strives to see anyone who is in need of medical care, we also provide ongoing care with the assistance of our fully qualified local nurse and midwife, Rosemary, who provides care and follow up treatment to the people who are seen at outreach clinics. Rosemary is joined by our two on-the-ground staff members who remain in Kenya throughout the year.

One of the biggest problems with medical care in Kenya is that no matter how poor a person or family is, there is no free medical care and, because of this, many of the poorer people miss out on all medical care and surgery. By facilitating education about health and by creating a greater accessibility to health care, Kenya Health aspires to help every person in need receive the health care they need.


Education is keystone in improving the health of disadvantaged Kenyan communities

Through Kenya Health we have seen the transformation of lives simply because their health has been taken care of. Apart from just providing health services, Kenya Health desires to empower women and children by educating them on basic healthy living standards and personal hygiene. Before starting treatment our team holds a 10-15 minute health talk on different subjects that affect women and children.

We facilitate opportunities for Australians and people around the world to provide life-changing care

Kenya Health is committed to financing medical consultations and surgery for people that otherwise would have no chance of receiving this much needed treatment. Opportunities exist for doctors and nurses with an interest in women’s health and paediatrics or general medical care, who can travel to Kenya to help operate health clinics, provide medical treatment, and take part in health promotion and health education activities.

We need people who can donate time, expertise in medical or nursing fields, or funds for medical supplies. If you are interested in coming to Kenya with us please go to our volunteer page. We would love to have you along!