Mobile clinics to care for those in need

kenya-vanWe run our clinics in Nakuru at the slums, at the rubbish dump, women’s prison, and now further afield in remote villages at Pokot and Kisii and Transmara. We are currently providing 3 groups of local health workers the materials and insecticide to eradicate Jiggers in their village areas; this program has so far treated more than 400 children and adults suffering from jiggers’ infestations.

One of our most important priorities was to purchase a van for the transport of patients to and from consultations and surgery and for use with our clinics. Previously, we transported patients to and from surgery by motor bike which is not very patient friendly. We also had to hire a van to take our staff and the medical equipment to all of our clinics.

We are now happy to announce the van has been purchased with the help of our generous supporters and donors.

The roads in Kenya vary, from paved roads to dirt tracks that are barely accessible by a four wheel drive. A van can enable us to go further than we could on a motor bike, as well as lowering the risk for our patients and our team.

We are delighted that we can now provide safe and comfortable transportation for all our patients and clinic work. Pictures of the new vehicle will be available after our July 2017 trip.

Help us continue transporting people in need by donating towards the new vans fuel and maintenance costs. Your support is much appreciated.



How you can help

Will supply one month’s pain relief for a terminally ill cancer patient.

Will supply desperately needed Health Education for 100 Kenyan women in the area of family planning and AIDS prevention.

Will supply medications for needy Kenyan’s unable to access any other form of medical treatment.

Will pay for life saving surgery for destitute young children without access to any other source of medical care.