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Building a future for those who need it in Kenya

As our newest project we are very excited about the infrastructure opportunities in the country. We are looking forward to developing this project more and are excited about the potential this project can have. While we feel that our immediate priorities are with those in danger with life-threating diseases and the establishment of temporary clinics, our team is also laying the foundations of future plans to support permanent health infrastructure in Kenya.

Clinic – It has been a long term dream of Kenya Health to secure some land in Kenya. We are excited that we have purchased 2 lovely acres on the outskirts of Nakuru. We are keen to receive donations to commence the building of a Community Clinic and Hospice Cancer Centre.

Our vision for this land is to build a clinic which will serve the community. It is planned that this facility will also be used as a cancer centre. Along with the clinic we hope to build accommodation to house our volunteers.