Charity Projects Kenya

The Kenya Health projects

At Kenya Health we are passionate about developing projects to help improve the standard of living in Kenya while providing much needed medical assistance. We are currently running our clinics in Nakuru at the slums, at the rubbish dump, women’s prison, and now further afield in remote villages at Pokot and Kisii and Transmara. Our projects include:

Working in harmony to achieve sustainable results


Poor health, poverty and a lack of education are each systematic of each other.  By addressing every one of these points Kenya Health can help to make a significant difference. By approaching these different aspects, Kenya Health strives to simultaneously provide medical care, establish temporary clinics, care for the terminally ill and aspire to place the foundations of some permanent medical infrastructure in the future.

How you can help

Will supply one month’s pain relief for a terminally ill cancer patient.

Will supply desperately needed Health Education for 100 Kenyan women in the area of family planning and AIDS prevention.

Will supply medications for needy Kenyan’s unable to access any other form of medical treatment.

Will pay for life saving surgery for destitute young children without access to any other source of medical care.