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Kenya Health Trip 2015

Over the past week and a half the Kenya Health team have been busy running clinics all over Kenya. They have seen over 1000 people across 6 clinics, with some clients being referred on. There are six more clinics to go for this trip to Kenya.

11898547_10207118884394312_144309750004177793_n They have managed to catch up with two previous referrals from earlier clinics, Judy, who has a heart valve and another girl who had a hernia operation. Both girls came to say thank you and both are doing very well.

The volunteers have even had a (well deserved) chance to take a little time to visit Nakuru National Game Park, BagaMoyo, and the Massi markets, ending each of our day at Java Coffee Lounge (the best coffee in Kenya, I can vouch for it!) for a mango milkshake.



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