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Day 4: Thursday 17th October

2nd day of clinic at Rhonda east SDA church: it became quite a family affair as one of our regular local volunteers, Cyrus Kivuki’s, baby son Denver came to clinic to receive his 9 month immunisation, as well as Cyrus’s wife, mother and Grandma. The day began a little slow as we had only one interpreter arrive on time (the rest on Kenyan timing) but once it got rolling, the clinic went smoothly and became very busy.In total we saw 170 patients, distributed 15 pairs of reading glasses and now have 6 more surgical referrals to add to our growing list. Our day began at 9am and ended at 4pm. If it wasn’t for the kindness of one of the church members bringing us each a banana, we would have been famished. There were quite a few more complicated cases today: cardiac related, oncology cases, renal, all chronic and the people have little or no means to receive continued treatment and care sadly. When we left the people were begging us to please return soon. Our itinerary is tight and there are many more places with desperately poor and needy people to reach. If you know of anyone who is nursing/medically trained and thinking of volunteering in this capacity please refer them to this website.


Day 5: Friday 18th October

Our day began doing mundane things like laundry (for the first time this trip) before stocktaking and placing an order to the chemist asap to ensure that we have adequate supplies for our remote village trip to Kissi, for which we will be leaving on Sunday. Next we met evangelists Joseph and Abraham who have helped us in the past and set off on a mobile clinic. Basically we travel to the nearest village and directed by Joseph and Abraham we visit people too ill or elderly to reach our clinics. Originally we were told that we had only “one family – possibly two” to visit. In reality we saw 36 people at several homesteads, as well as being hailed down by one lady who had terrible wound to her foot that needed attention, and we distributed 13 pairs of reading glasses. To witness the sheer joy on their faces as the ‘veil is lifted’ and sight is restored is truly a wonderful thing. One young lad, 12 years of age, suffers from cerebral palsy and epilepsy. His mother copes by carrying him around everywhere. We’re hoping to be able to purchase a wheelchair for him (which costs 14,500sh = less than $200) Apart from Tagisia, the mobile clinic was a new concept for the rest of the team, but was enjoyed by all and was a lovely way to wind down after a long and busy week. \



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