Our new team in Kenya: doing it the way Lyle would have done it.

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Our new team in Kenya: doing it the way Lyle would have done it.

Wednesday 16th October 

Today we had a small clinic (I don’t think it was advertised very well) only 119 people with 2 requiring surgical intervention in the very near future…  if we can raise the funds. Mostly chest, ear, eye, skin infections as per usual, with some family planning, gynaecological and pregnancy problems. We had 4 daktari: myself, Jan Powell, Rosemary and Sue Anderson. This time we had a local nurse offering counselling and testing for HIV as well as vaccinations, which was good. Clinic finished after 2pm, back into town for a belated lunch, home to MIA for showers, family worship, re-stocking and debriefing. All in all a good start to our clinic trips. A lovely couple Ivan aka “Grandy” & Judy Leahy who have been volunteering at the MIA in Mary’s absence due to daughter Sarah’s wedding; also volunteered as our pharmacists and proved invaluable.

Tuesday 15th October

Yesterday was spent on meetings galore with Anisha (from Play Kenya) organising sex education and first aid talks for the carers of Rafiki Mwema, and also meetings with Rosemary, Lilian and the rest of the Kenya Health team. Picking up our medical supplies (which had been stored at Nakuru hospice) proved to be quite a feat, we nearly didn’t have enough room in the van, together with the ordered supplies from Care Chemist..and stock-taking…well that was a problem-solving with a capital P. We’ve since begun a stock-taking inventory book so future K.H. teams don’t run into such a challenge :-)


Monday 14th October

Lyle’s memorial service was organised by Lilian and held at the Nakuru hospice (which has been a recipient of monthly  financial support from Kenya Health enabling the supply of adequate pain relief for palliative patients). It was such a beautiful, touching service and for those of us from Australia, it was even more moving looking at that sea of lovely brown faces, all touched by the work Lyle Burgoyne began. Speakers included Mary Budlica (M.I.A.), Lilian Marwa (K.H. coorindinator), Rosemary (local nurse who works for K.H.) myself, Anne-Marie Tipper (founder of Play Kenya), Elizabeth (founder of hospice), Madame Susan (from the women’s prison), and Micheal and Zipporah (from the Ministry of Health dept). There were also many beneficiaries present, such as  Kelvin ( who had severe osteomyelitis  but is now able to walk thanks to assistance provided by Kenya Health), two women with breast cancer who’d never be able to afford treatment but are now receiving medical care, and Rael (the 3.8kg 2 year old Lyle found while on clinic) who now is cared for at beautiful Regina’s orphanage, with Kenya Health funding her care, to name a few.  There is  no doubt that the legacy of Kenya Health that Lyle began back in 2009 WILL continue, and even grow!!! Please support us.

Lyles kenyan memorial 1

P.S. it is a long held tradition that people who have their birthdays also get to enjoy a “birthday wash” ie. a water fight at the orphanage where we are staying. Sue’s birthday is today but we’ll let her think we’ve forgotten the tradition…for a few days at least lol.

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