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Day 5 Thursday 9th February

We arrived to find a well organized set up: marquee, table and chairs at Kuba school. An official welcoming/opening ceremony with representatives from the Government, church and surrounding villages, a local Dr, as well as Nigel for the water sanitation project. All gave speeches which proved to be a lengthy process but we felt truly welcomed. Once we began clinic, however, it was an incredibly busy day, with us seeing over 500 people. We identified quite a few cases of the dreaded Jigger’s: a very nasty parasitic skin infestation, which tends to isolate the affected people as they’re ostracized from their community.

Only late last year 3 people had died from septicemia, due to jiggers. Tomorrow after clinic, we’ll be training the community health workers, how to treat those affected with this malady.4pm we finally closed the clinic, exhausted but satisfied at how many people had been able to be seen. More assistance from the local leaders in keeping the people waiting to be treating in orderly queues will be requested for tomorrow’s clinic.

Other cases that stood out: a 2 year old girl that had been seizuring for over a year. A mother with a nasty leg ulcer –deep laceration from a garden hoe over a year ago. Many with cataracts and large dental caries. A pleasant surprise was that no cases of malnutrition were seen. On the way back to the hotel, we bought more supplies: healing salve, “Dudu dust” for fumigating the homes of those with jiggers. Reorganized our crates of medications and did a stock take, once back at the hotel, before enjoying a very welcome meal (the first since breakfast) shower and bed.

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