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Day 4 Wednesday 8th February

Early start had been planned, but as we all know, nothing goes according to plan. We began our trip 2 hours late due to car trouble, and picked up wonderful Rosemary (a local nurse and valuable member of our team) along the way. Through her connections we were able to travel via a road block/short cut. It was a terribly rough road but it saved us approximately 2 hours time. Praise God!

Saw many strange and wonderful sights along the way: a coffin on a motorbike, women carrying all sorts of loads, even bricks on their heads (one had 8/9 bricks on her head!) a fine tea plantation which went for miles, many towns big and small, all with colourful characters. Finally arrived 4.30pm to Villa Hotel in Siaya –a 1 star accommodation with 1st class service-one night=1,200shillings: including buffet breakfast and dinner.

Then we went into town to buy water and supplies. Lyle had difficulty trying to purchase condys crystals (which would be ideal as part of our Jigger’s eradication program that we’re going to implement). Back at the Villa hotel, we had the pleasure of meeting the rest of Nigel’s water sanitation project team: locals; Olita, Opondo and Corey from Nairobi. Enjoyed an evening meal together, before retiring for the day.

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