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Day 24 Tuesday 28th February

Farewelled Nigel + 4 early this morning, no time to mope as we still had two clinics to complete. Today’s was at Pondamali slum’s  -the largest slum area in Nakuru and a place Kenya Health has visited often to run clinic’s due to the large concentration of people living in abject poverty. Pastor Williams, who runs the school, welcomed us and Cyrus; a young youth leader had been busily registering patients for us since 8am! We’d antiscipated that this clinic would be especially busy as only Glenda, Gillian, Jenny, Rosemary and Tagisia remained but in all the day went very well with several referrals and follow-ups for further treatment/surgical operations made. Total of approx 400 patients were seen and the entire school received worm treatment. Common cases seen: chronic diahorea, dental caries, skin, ear, eye and chest infections, aches and pains associated with dehydration plus a few chronic leg ulcers. One young boy who looked miserable had a “dudu” ie insect in his ear that had made it’s dwelling there for some time. After his ear was effectively flushed out with normal saline the dudu was forced to make its home elsewhere J by the end of the clinic we had run out of several medical supplies and would need topping up for tomorrow.


(just one of the nasty leg ulcers we saw: this has been slowly healing for 3 years)

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