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My name is Nicole, and I am going to be blogging with this amazing non-profit organisation for the next few months, spreading their name and sharing the wonderful things they are doing in people’s lives in Kenya!

My first introduction into Kenya Health was in 2012 when my mum and I travelled to Kenya to visit an orphanage.  At this orphanage, we saw Lyle (who we knew from back home in Australia), sorting out about ten crates of medication, that he explained was going to be used for a couple of clinics he was doing while in Kenya. He then asked mum and myself if we would like to join them the next morning.

The next day, we set off early to get to where we were doing our first clinic for this trip to Kenya.  When setting up our clinic all we could see were a hundred or so people walking over a hill at the far side, through rubbish.

Our first clinic was at the home of these people, in the town’s dump.

They all wanted to know who these white people were, and what we were doing there. As soon as word spread that we were there to help those that needed medical attention, more and more people came over.

Unfortunately, and I still remember the look on Lyle’s face when this happened, the chief of that ‘village’ did not give us permission to treat anyone. Those that could be well with such simple medical attention, that we tend to take for granted here in Australia, were disallowed it, even though they deserved and had every right to it, as a human being.

This is what Kenya Health is all about, helping those that need medical attention, but may not have the funds or the knowledge of how to change their life in such a simple way.



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