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Day 9 Monday 13th February

After a hearty breakfast of mung bean stew, mashed potatoes, chai tea and toast, we bade farewell to our hosts: Augustine, his wife Mary and neice Helen, leaving behind a monetary gift to thank them for their hospitality. An hour and a half later, we found, Pastor Daniel was waiting for us at the turnoff – to ensure that we didn’t get lost again lol-

Clinic ran smoothly albeit with less patient numbers than yesterday, as apparently it was market day. Those we did see were mostly suffering from minor ailments: worms, gastro, ear, skin and chest infections, all very happy for the free service that we provided. The man whose son had the shortened, deformed tibial bones returned for Lyle to review, anxious that his son receive help. Assurance given that Kenya Health would do all possible to help him, and that he would not be forgotten.

As numbers dwindled, we closed clinic for the day around 2pm, said goodbye to the people and wonderful children before heading back to Kissi, staying at the same guest house. We’d all bathed ‘african style’ the night before so a hot shower was very welcome. Eventually sat down for our evening meal 6pm at a nearby restaurant and giggled at the Nigerian soap opera playing on the TV.

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