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Day 7 Saturday 11th February

Packed up and said goodbye to our wonderful host’s especially Simon – the maitre de. Detoured to see Nigel and his team: wife Tiffany, Hopal and Cara, and visit them in the village. The rest of the supplies for the Jigger’s program we left with Nigel to distribute to the community. Enjoyed wonderful hospitality by Kekenya and his 3 wives.

Apparently it takes all 3 wives to care for Nigel & his team. The people here give of their best and Kekenya gave up his mudhut for their accommodation. 11.30 we finally headed to Kissii, where we’ll be picking up “Mrs Pastor” aka Lillian. A long road trip again, it should’ve taken 3 hours but for the state of the roads and the depth of the potholes. 5/30pm we arrived at our accommodation “Timoko” guest house: very clean, mosquito treated,non-sagging, non-bed bugged, quite modern rooms (1,500 shillings per night includes buffet breakfast). Kissii has a very strong SDA presence but also a strong witch doctor presence as well.

Saw many street children, chaotic, busy streets/markets, makes for a very interesting drive through the roads. Regina (the manager of Timoko) requested a review: of her CXR, she’d fallen in November and experienced pain since, most likely due to a cracked rib. Lillian’s friend; a pastor arrived late at night wanting Lyle to review and treat a painful foot, never a dull moment.

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