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Day 21 Saturday 25th February

Off to Nakuru Women’s prison we go, taking with us Anisha and her singing group and a number of youth from a local church to help run the program. Processing us through, took little time and we were received with many smiles. Lyle was the guest speaker and through Max his interpreter delivered a simple yet meaningful message to the women.

Lyle also gave to the prison warden in charge baby formula with instructions of how to prepare it, for the 9month failure to thrive baby who belongs to one of the inmates. Apparently mum was unable to breastfeed and so the baby has been given diluted cows milk instead, consequently the baby was malnourished weighing little more than a 2month old.

After lunch back in our huts in M.I.A. we went to the hospital to finally discharge Ida who’d been given a clean bill of health from the Dr’s. She and her mum were all smiles when we arrived and we noted that both were wearing some of the clothing we’d packed into their care package ? Dropping them both off to Anisha’s home, we waved goodbye amidst many “Asante’s” from Ida’s  very grateful young mother.

The young lad with the severe fungal infection on his scalp/neck and ears was looking so much better due to the good hygiene and anti-fungal cream that was being applied twice a day. He was all smiles. On the way home we dropped in and caught up with Anne-Marie briefly who had taken out half of the children for a special lunch at Hotel Cathay, little Michelle was thoroughly enjoying it!

Tomorrow the next 6 children (for they gained another two children last night) will be coming for their special treat/day excursion. Back at the orphanage we spent the rest of the day, relaxing, playing with the children and later in the evening sorting through and packing gift bags for the 19 children at the prison for tomorrow.

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