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Day 14 Saturday 18th February

A huge sigh of relief today as we enjoyed a very relaxing day: first a sleep in (these have been few and far between, since our arrival) breakfast than we joined six of the orphans from M.I.A.2 and off we went to the SDA Racetrack church in Nakuru. It was packed already when we arrived but we were welcomed and room was made for all 13 of us to sit down.

Anisha took part in the youth choir’s item and children’s story. We all enjoyed the singing part of the service the best! After church, we had the privilege of meeting the young mother of the child with an large umbilical hernia,as we were taking her to be reviewed by a surgeon: Dr O’Doer?????? On the way we also picked up Mary – one of the M.I.A. carer’s who also needed a surgical view for a benign cyst on her axilla.

Kenya Health is already treating the 2 year old girl, for a minor chest infection and worms, and as she looked anemic a full blood count was recommended as part of her pre-operative care. We took her to a reputable pathologist: Peak Health Medical Centre, and for the equivalent of $4 she had a blood test AND the results within a 15minutes timeframe, impressive! Yet for the everyday Kenyan, this is not financially feasible, they are much too poor and have little access to public health care, let alone afford private health care.

Once completed, we dropped mother and child back to Anisha’s home, and returned to M.I.A. for a belated lunch/supper. Lyle also received a phone call from Simon – the young man fromwith Retinitis Pigmentosa???- and arranged for him to send his medical documents to Kenya Health asap. Later as both Martha and Ivan were absent for the night, we joined the children for their evening meal-a tradition of noodles and popcorn on Saturday nights- family worship and watched an animated movie together before tucking the children into bed. It’s been a very welcome relaxing day, a true Sabbath experience

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