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Day 1 Kivumbini clinic

All arose 5am, excited and a little nervous. A few hiccups delayed our departure from M.I.A. firstly packing all the various items proved a challenge, the van wouldn’t start, due to the flat tyres, the van almost fish tailed around a corner in the mud, yet we arrived 9.15am safely :D Initially the people came in dribs and drabs, yet soon word spread and the people came. This is the very first time Kenya Health has entered this particular area so it took a little time to win their trust. In total 114 people and children were seen – relatively small clinic in comparison to previous ones held- yet of those several required follow-up treatment or investigations.

For example a 5 month baby girl had a large 10cm cyst on her eyebrow. It had begun 1 month ago as a small lump and she had been injected Kenacort at a nearby hospital and it had worsened. A young mother had accidently spilt hot oil down her leg one week ago and had sustained 2nd to 3rd degree burns to which no treatment had been given. A young man of 20 years old, had injured his knee four days ago and couldn’t walk or work, we suspected he had an effusion or osteomyelitis. Common ailments were: chronic diarrhoea, skin/ear/chest infections, gastritis, malaria, dental caries and of course various complaints of pain. We are certain that tomorrow’s clinic will bring a greater number of people to be assessed and treated. It has been a huge learning curve for our volunteer team today. As Corinna so eloquently put it: she has learnt the “3 P’s”: Panic (driving through the streets of Nakuru) Peeing (in a pit latrine for the very first time) & Prescribing for patients, in a foreign, 3rd world country for the very first time. All in all the first clinic today was well received and we’re happy with the outcome and will be even more prepared for tomorrow’s clinic. It’s lovely to return to spend time with the happy, well adjusted, boisterous children at MIA before returning to our mud hut to rest up for another exciting and yes challenging day ahead.

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