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Michelle and Tagisia remained at M.I.A. to update this blog, restock for the clinic this afternoon at the M.I.A. school (for the surrounding community) Meanwhile Corinna and Kathie went and took Esther to the E.N.T. clinic at P.G.H………. Lyle…(I’ll let Corinna and Kathie fill in this part of the blog in their own words for it was quite an adventure)

Even though the afternoon clinic had only been advertised 24hours before, 54 patients from the nearby community, came through to be treated. One woman with a history of diabetes had a ulcerated toe that needed debridement and anti-biotic therapy. This was attended to by Corinna & Michelle. She will be followed up on monday by the Kenya Health team to see if there is any improvement, as she is high risk for osteomylittis. Otherwise, the other patients had; upper respiratory tract, eyes, ears, nose, skin infections and S.T.D.’s. One young boy had a deep laceration on his foot from a peice of wood apparently. It really needed stitches but had occured over 4 days before. A normal saline deep flush, antiseptic, clean dressings and antibiotics followed. He also will be reassessed monday afternoon to see if it is improving. Tomorrow early we leave for a 3 day Safari, which is very timely as all are weary, but satisfied with this weeks events, despite our disappointment over not being able to return to Pondamali yet.

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