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Exciting changes at the Rotary Club of Mt Warning AM

News from our generous sponsors Our wonderful sponsor club, the Rotary Club of Mt Warning AM hosted an information morning to keep everyone up-to-date with some changes and improvements within Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS).It is through RAWCS that donations to Kenya Health are tax deductable. This is hugely important for our fundraising and we are very grateful to this wonderful group of people who volunteer their time so generously. Leon Platt and Carole Platt (Education Care Project, Kenya) :Lyn Sullivan (hostess and project manager Rotary Mt Warning AM); Carol Parkins (Rotary Mt Warning AM): Sue Anderson ( Kenya Health) : Ailsa Hay (RAWCS)

A glimpse into our medical outreach clinics

It has been a very busy time for the team at Kenya Heath. While our new volunteers arrived a few weeks ago, some of the Kenya Health team have been helping out for well over a month already in Kenya. With just about four weeks left we definitely have our work cut out for us. We have been so blessed to have this great opportunity to help people who are in desperate need of medical help. From our work in the Racetrack SDA Church where we held our first clinic on this trip, through to the full house at the South Nakuru medical clinic, it has been a crazy time for Kenya Health. If you would like to make a contribution to our work in Kenya to help disadvantaged people please donate today.

Registration of NGO in Kenya

Kenya Health is now officially registered as an NGO (non-government organisation) in Kenya. Our registered title will be Health Outreach Organisation Kenya (HOOK). This will give Kenya Health more credibility in Kenya and make it easier to do what we do. Dealing with government organisations and local authorities will be more straightforward as we endeavour to provide basic health care for those who can least afford it. A special thank you to Lilian and Humphrey in Kenya and Judy and Ivan in Australia who made this happen. Lyle would have been so happy to see this process he started come to fruition.


Hi, My name is Nicole, and I am going to be blogging with this amazing non-profit organisation for the next few months, spreading their name and sharing the wonderful things they are doing in people's lives in Kenya! My first introduction into Kenya Health was in 2012 when my mum and I travelled to Kenya to visit an orphanage.  At this orphanage, we saw Lyle (who we knew from back home in Australia), sorting out about ten crates of medication, that he explained was going to be used for a couple of clinics he was doing while in Kenya. He then asked mum and myself if we would like to join them the next morning. The next day, we set off early to get to where we were doing our first clinic for this trip to Kenya.  When setting up our clinic all we could see were a hundred or so people walking over a hill at the far side, through rubbish. Our first clinic was at the home of these people, in the town’s dump. They all wanted to know who these white people were, and what we were doing there. As soon as word spread that we were [...]

Meet Denis and John

These two boys have been fortunate enough to have had surgery arranged by Kenya Health. They have been patiently waiting for more than a year. Both had very painful hernias which have now been repaired due to generous donations. John's condition was causing him to miss school and was affecting his ability to walk properly. If left untreated both boys' conditions would almost certainly have become life threatening . We would dearly love to be able to help some more people on our waiting list so any donations however small are greatly appreciated.

Safe Arrival in Kenya/Nakuru/Rafiki Mwema

Safe arrival in Kenya .....Safe arrival in Nakuru .....Safe arrival at Rafiki Mwema Rafiki Mwema is a home for sexually abused girls ages 2 to 12  and will be our home in Kenya . Our first meeting with the girls involved turning rope for skipping, playing red rover  and sitting in on school classes. We all had a refresher lesson in English and Carol  enjoyed the maths class immensely. After a stock take, ordering medication, and organising phone and Internet access we were all ready to begin work. Before clinic started we had to do an interview for the local radio station. We remembered Lyle and outlined the purpose and goals for us being here in Kenya.Our first clinic got off to a slow start at the Pondamali slum with us seeing about 70 people and worming all the school children. it was good to catch up with Pastor William again who does wonderful work in this area. However this soon changed with the next days' clinic at the south Nakuru SDA church where over 350 people were seen.The Kenya Health team worked along side local clinicians, nutritionists, registered nurses and record keepers. We attended to a nine year old [...]